One United Properties expands into affordable premium housing with a new strategic acquisition

One United Properties, a green developer of residential, mixed-use and office real estate in Romania, concludes a memorandum of understanding for the acquisition of a 21 hectares plot of land located within minutes of driving to Tineretului and Carol parks and within walking distance to Eroii Revolutiei subway station, in sector 4. This transaction marks One United Properties entry into a new subsegment: affordable premium housing.

“Since our IPO in 2021, One United Properties has experienced remarkable growth, driven by strong demand for our premium residential offerings, as evidenced by the success of developments like One Cotroceni Park and One Lake District. Recognizing the need for high-quality, yet affordable housing in Bucharest, we are pleased to expand into the upper sub-segment of the mass market. This move is a strategic response to market trends and the increasing call for sustainable, accessible living options. We envisage this development as more than a collection of homes; it is set to be the largest development in our company’s history, embodying our ambition to create a vibrant, sustainable community that sets new standards in the housing sector”, said Victor Capitanu, co-CEO of One United Properties.

The new development targets approximately 5,000 units, master-planned as a small, self-sustainable neighbourhood. Aimed at the upper tier of Bucharest’s residential mass market, the development will combine affordability with quality, offering high-quality living conditions and a distinctive choice within the city’s housing landscape.

Located within a 10-minute drive from Unirii Square, the development will benefit from several access points for improved accessibility both by car and pedestrian, proximity to public transport, and will include all necessary amenities to ensure an easier and more relaxed  lifestyle for its residents, including a park and plenty of green spaces, educational facilities, a fitness centre with pool, markets, retail facilities with food operators, community health centre, walking and cycling paths. Despite targeting the mass market, this development will maintain the signature design, quality finishing, and community that One United Properties is known for. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in 2028.

“Our commitment to luxury and high-end residential development remains unchanged, as exclusive developments will continue to distinguish One United Properties in the local residential market. Yet, as we continue to deliver selective, ultra-high-end properties, our strategic vision broadens to include larger-scale developments designed to meet the needs of Bucharest’s growing middle class and reshaping the Bucharest skyline in the process”, added Andrei Diaconescu, co-CEO of One United Properties.

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