Over 50% of employees want the employer to be involved in environmental protection, survey says

For 51% of employees, it is important that the employer is involved in environmental protection, and 48% would prioritize working in a company active in actions for the community, according to a survey run by Genesis Property, among 1,307 respondents nationwide.

Employees are moving into a stage where they become much more selective and involved in being aware of their employer’s footprint, both on an environmental level and within the community in which they operate. Criteria such as the energy efficiency of office buildings and risk minimization become essential in the discussion between employee and employer, both in for new roles and for current ones. We have correctly assessed this trend with the new concept and execution of the works of the revolutionary YUNITY Park,” said Ștefan Tudos, Vicepresident, Genesis Property.

If for 36% of employees it is important that the workspace is in an energy-efficient building, the possibility of an earthquake generates even clearer opinions among employees, and six out of 10 respondents are looking for information about the expertise in terms of the seismic risk of the office building where they work or could work.

Moreover, for 68% of employees, the employer’s actions in finding a balance between the personal and professional life matter a lot, especially in terms of space and flexibility.

59% of the respondents rely on balance as the main factor that helps their well-being at work. Socializing is preferred by 30% of them, and unplanned and spontaneous moments are important for 9.3% of employees.

The YUNITY Park campus, developed by Genesis Property and designed as an extension of the office environment, where employees and visitors benefit from destinations adapted to the modern personal and professional lifestyle, already has all seven buildings ranked in class A energy efficiency.

The Genesis Property survey on well-being at work was carried out in April, at national level, through the iVox platform, on a total sample of 1,307 internet users from Romania. Some 52% of the participants are female, and over 42% have a net income greater than 4,000 lei.

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