Over 500,000 Christmas trees and 2,000 tons of sweets reach Romania for the winter holidays

The amount of imported goods increases by 20% for winter holidays compared to other periods, the main products brought to Romania being Christmas trees, clothes, sweets, and specific Christmas decorations. Thus, 50,000 tons of goods enter the country per week for brick-and-mortar stores or online shops, according to DSV Road, a Danish transport service company operating in Romania and Europe.

Between November and December, DSV Road trucks bring to the country over 500,000 fir trees, in pots or nets, 50,000 kg of globes, 70,000 kg of light installations, 30,000 decorative Santas, 100,000 kg of cookies, 2,000 tons of sweets, 200,000 tons of champagne or sparkling wine, 500 tons of meat and over 200,000 winter sports items. Also, general purpose goods, such as clothes and shoes, electronics and appliances, medical, and staple foods, are brought to Romania.

Most products are brought from Italy, Germany, Poland, and Hungary. The number of trucks transporting goods between Europe and Romania increases by 15%-25%.

“Before the winter holidays, starting from October, the demand for transport services increases by 15%-25% compared to a normal month, for products that must arrive in stores in Romania at the beginning of December. By optimizing transport routes and truck loads, the products that consumers in Romania need and look forward to as gifts for their loved ones during the winter holidays arrive in warehouses in time, without delays“, declares Sergiu Iordache, Managing Director DSV Road.

Thus, for the transport of goods to Romania, most companies prefer groupage transport, the demand for this service increasing by 30% in recent months, being an option to reduce transport costs. This is followed by full truckload transportation, generally preferred by large retailers, for the transportation of food products.

If before the holidays, impressive amounts of Christmas-specific products are transported, during the year, the most transported goods from Europe to Romania are from the automotive, chemical, IT&C, fashion, pharma, electro-IT categories. At the same time, according to DSV Group data, among the most unusual goods transported by the company in the world are polar bears, dolphins, tissue samples, vaccines.

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