Over 70 pc of Romanians in the urban area plan to buy products on Black Friday, study

71 percent of Romanians in the urban area intend to make Black Friday purchases, and almost half of them, 44 percent, plan to pay online, Blugento study reveals.

The results of the study reveal a greater openness of Romanians to online payments, as the number of those who want to pay for the products ordered online by bank card has increased significantly in recent years.

Also, the Romanians’ confidence in the online payment method is higher compared to the previous years, with almost 60 percent of respondents mentioning that they have more confidence in online payment card compared to last year.

At the same time, among the benefits appreciated by the Romanians making online payments with the card are: the online transaction speed (31 percent), the comfort of the payments (29 percent) and the ease of using the payment system (18 percent). Moreover, almost 80 percent of Romanians in the urban area are familiar with online payments, and they are using this form of payment at least once a month.

As regards the Romanians’ budget for Black Friday purchases, 29 percent of them set an amount between RON 200 and RON 500, 25 percent has available between RON 500 and RON 1,000, 13 percent – between RON 1,000 and RON 1,500, and 9 percent – between RON 1,500 and RON 3,000.

This years’ Black Friday event is set for November 17th.

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