Over RON 5.10 bn invested by E.ON in Romania in the past 10 years

E.ON’s investment effort in the ten years of presence in Romania amounted to over RON 5.12 billion (EUR 1.3 billion), a press release informs. The natural gas network has been upgraded (replacement pipeline and cathodic protection) over a length of almost 6,350 kilometers and was extended for a length of about 1,250 kilometers.

In 2015, Germany-based company has invested about RON 14 million for the upgrading of 85 kilometers of gas network in Alba Iulia, which means about 40 percent of the length of the entire network serving customers in the city.

Since 2005, E.ON Distributie Romania has invested to modernize and expand 330 kilometers of natural gas distribution networks, in several localities in Alba county.

The most important investments of the company were undertaken in Alba Iulia, Blaj, Aiud, Cugir, Sebeş, Ocna Mures, Teius, Zlatna, Sasciori, Sanmiclaus, Santimbru, Veseus, Cetatea de Balta, Feisa, Sancel, Uioara de Jos, Teleac, Decea, Manarade, Unirea, Micesti, Sard, Petresti, Tartaria, Vintu de Jos, Barabant, Sibot, Mihalt, Capalna and Petrisat.

Last year, the company completed themodernization offour kilometersof pipesand and connections in Alba Iulia,on tenstreets.

This year’s goal is upgrading about seven kilometers of pipelines and connections of natural gas on 20 streets. The total value of investment projects in the municipality for the 2015-2016 period is about RON 3 million.



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