PepsiCo is investing 13 million dollars in its soft drink factory in Dragomirești

PepsiCo announced today a $13 million investment in installing a modern fully automated production line at its soft drink factory in Dragomirești.

The production line is considered the most automated in PepsiCo’s portfolio in Europe and can produce approximately 1 million bottles per day. The energy consumption of this line is reduced by about 30% compared to conventional lines, while energy efficiency per liter produced is 30% higher. Additionally, the new line produces 60% more beverages per unit of time, using 20% less CO2 emissions and reducing water consumption by 30% per liter of beverage produced. At the same time, it contributes to a decrease in the amount of plastic used by approximately 30 tons per year.

The investment in automation reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. The new line can produce approximately 1 million bottles per day, simultaneously consuming 30% less energy than a conventional line. The high level of automation allows our employees to focus on improving processes, professional and personal development, as well as the continuous simplification of operations. Thus, this investment will help us strengthen our position as a regional production and distribution hub for Central and South-Eastern Europe.”, stated Radu Berevoescu, General Manager & Senior Commercial Director East Balkans, PepsiCo.

The new production line is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, offering an impressive level of automation. It seamlessly integrates into the automated warehouse flow using robot guidance for handling and storing pallets. This ensures a fully automated process, from bottling to loading onto trucks, eliminating the need for human intervention. Most tasks related to glass format changes, including mold adjustments, are also automated, contributing to enhanced efficiency in the production process.

PepsiCo’s $13 million investment is an important element of their 5-year development plan, implemented at the Dragomirești soft drink factory, with a total investment of $40 million. This initiative focused on enhancing production lines and elevating production capacity to over 800 million liters per year. Additionally, it encompassed the construction of a fully automated warehouse extend over 15,000m2, valued at $15 million. Over the past decade, PepsiCo has directly invested $320 million in Romania, reinforcing its position as a key regional production and distribution hub.

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