Planable launches the 2021 Holiday Kit, to help marketers plan successful holiday campaigns

Planable, the collaboration platform for social media teams, has put together the 2021 Holiday Marketing Kit, created to inspire marketers with helpful resources for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas & New Year’s Eve. The kit contains multiple free easy to use templates and tools for marketers, to help them plan successful campaigns for this holiday season.

This year’s marketing kit includes everything from when, where, how and what to post: tools for productive marketing teams, social media activation ideas, a collection of the best social media campaigns, Instagram story background designs, visuals, post templates, popular hashtags and more.

The Planable special Holiday Kit also includes a list of Dos and don’ts, which is a comprehensive list of 10 pieces of advice, to ensure a successful holiday marketing campaign.

The motivation behind the kit came from Planable’s experts wanting to give a helping hand to social media professionals, so that they won’t have to deal with the extra pressure that comes with planning everything from scratch. From spooky Instagram story background designs, to all the popular festive hashtags, Planable has put together a comprehensive package of tools and useful information, which can be downloaded for free.

“The holidays are around the corner and marketing experts don’t need the extra pressure that comes with planning everything from scratch. From themed Instagram story background designs to all the popular hashtags, we got them covered,” said Miruna Dragomir, Chief Marketing Officer at Planable.

“When it comes to social media planning for the holidays, fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch each year. Our kit brings you inspiring examples of successful marketing campaigns. We invite marketing professionals to discover all the resources we’ve compiled for them. And the best news is that this kit is free. We believe everyone should have access to helpful free assets,” added Miruna Dragomir.

Marketing experts and social media professionals will find in the kit extensive materials, such as: infographics with the best time to post, best channels & formats, ideal campaign start for each holiday, image sizes; tools for productive marketing teams; social media activation ideas; a collection of brilliant campaigns from various brands to draw last-minute inspiration from; holiday-themed backgrounds for Instagram stories that any marketer can personalize; 30 inspiring visuals for each holiday; customizable post templates designed by marketers for marketers; the most popular hashtags for each holiday to get more eyes on those Twitter & Instagram posts and other useful tips and tricks.

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