Planable, the innovative marketing planning platform, has new Chief Marketing Officer

With a background in Marketing at Uber and in Social Media at Oracle, Miruna Dragomir is now Chief Marketing Officer at Planable, after 3 years in the position of Head of Marketing at the same company.

“Miruna joined the team in April 2018 and was the second employee at Planable. Since Miruna took over the marketing function, Planable has increased 35 times in terms of recurring revenue. We are excited about her being part of our team, her contribution is essential for Planable to grow at the pace we want”, said Xenia Muntean, CEO and co-founder of Planable.

Prior to joining Planable, Miruna Dragomir was part of the Uber Marketing team and of the Oracle Social Media team. From her current position, Miruna will support the Marketing efforts for the growth of Planable and will contribute to the expansion of the company.

“My first job was in a social media team of over 15 people. I know from my personal experience the difficulties posed by a large team collaborating on content. I am thrilled to join Planable’s mission to make the lives of marketing professionals easier, save their time and boost their creativity”, stated the newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer Planable.

Miruna’s most extensive experience is in Growth Marketing, with a focus on Conversion Rate Optimization, Data Analysis and Lead Generation. At Planable, Miruna leads the Marketing department, which is formed of 5 people. The team is now expanding, as recruitment efforts are underway to add more Content Marketing professionals to the team.

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