ROCA Agri RDF names its CFO as CEO

ROCA Agri RDF, the agricultural holding company majority owned by ROCA Investments, announced the appointment of Bogdan Vlad as CEO, with the expiration of the interim mandate of Alexandru Savin, who will resume his responsibilities I belong to the investment strategy within the ROCA Investments team.

As CFO of ROCA Agri RDF, Bogdan played an important role in optimizing the financial performance within the holding, especially in this difficult context for agriculture.

In the last two years, the agricultural sector has gone through an extremely turbulent period, which led us to reevaluate everything we knew about this industry, to adapt on the fly to the new realities. I want to thank Alex Savin for his entire contribution in this mandate – he is practically the architect of this holding, the one who strengthened the management team and penciled the long-term vision. He will continue his activity as Senior Investment Manager within ROCA Investments,” said Rudi Vizental, CEO of ROCA Investments, the majority shareholder.

Although the last two years have been complicated in agriculture, the holding continued the expansion strategy at the national level and recorded the increase of the cumulative turnover from 778 million lei in 2022 to 914 million lei in 2023.

It remains a complicated time for agriculture and it is important to focus our efforts to generate added value and performance. Bogdan confirmed to us in this last year that he is the right man to take over and scale the development strategy of ROCA Agri RDF,” said Florin Deznan, President of the Board of Directors of ROCA Agri RDF.

I am honored to lead ROCA Agri RDF in its next chapter of growth and innovation aimed at transforming from a distributor and trader to an integrator of products and services. Building on our strong foundation, we will prioritize team agility, collaboration and the integration of national operations as we strive to create long-term value for our customers and stakeholders. I look forward to working closely with the Board of Directors and the entire team to realize our shared vision for the future,” said Bogdan Vlad, the new CEO of ROCA Agri RDF.

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