Romania Among Best European Countries For Women To Work

When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, many countries are making strides in introducing progressive policies. A new study conducted by Reboot Digital PR Agency for Women’s Equality Day has unearthed some findings on which country is succeeding!

By evaluating a variety of factors that contribute to women’s success in the workforce, Reboot Digital PR Agency created a points-based index that examines economic opportunity, women in leadership, and maternity leave that determines which European countries offer the best prospects for female professionals.

Which European country is the best for women to work in?


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Bulgaria comes first as the best European country for women with a combined total of 236.6 points out of a possible 300. The crown is well and truly deserved with the best maternity leave package in Europe that earns a perfect score of 100 points. Not only so, but Bulgaria also comes in second highest for women in leadership (behind Norway) with 90 points out of 100. The complete database of points can be found here.

Following in second place is Croatia with a combined total of 229.9 points out of 300. Scoring just lower than Bulgaria in maternity leave credentials with a score of 96.6, it seems that the country is also on the right track with the gender pay gap, as it registered the second-highest score of 96.6 out of 100 for economic opportunity. However, the 36.6 points they received for women in leadership shows that there is still work to be done.

In third is Estonia, with a total score of 220.0 points out of 300. Presenting with consistently strong scores across the board, Estonia earns 80 points on both maternity leave and female leadership.

In tenth place is Sweden scoring 166.5 who also lost to Latvia when it comes to economic opportunity (73.3/100) and maternity leave (16.6/100), but still continues to be a leader in equal pay for men and women.

Following in ninth place is Latvia who scored more points for economic opportunity (86.6/100) than traditional economic powerhouses such as the United Kingdom in 12th (66.6/100 points) and Denmark in 15th place (56.6/100). This is primarily driven by the increasing number of women occupying high political positions in the recent years.

The seventh best place for women to work in Europe is Romania, with a score of 196.6 points in our index.

According to our analysis, 23.55% of women in Romania hold leadership roles, ranking in second place out of the 30 European countries studied and scoring an impressive score of 96.6 in our index. Neighbouring Bulgaria also ranks among the top five for leadership, suggesting Eastern European countries are among the best for promoting women to CEO or Executive roles.

However, when it comes to economic opportunities and maternity packages, Romanian women sit slap bang in the middle of the European countries studied (15th), scoring 50 points respectively.

Which is the country with the least opportunities for women?

In last place of the thirty countries analysed is Turkey, scoring just 39.9 points out of 300. Despite its poor performance, the country has surprisingly earned more points for women in leadership (13.3/100) than countries traditionally known for being equal such as Germany (10 points) and Austria (3.3 points). Just ahead in 26th place is Portugal (69.9 points out of a possible 300), also surpassing Germany and Austria for women in leadership (26.6/100 points), although scoring zero points for maternity leave.

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