Romania is the Third Best Destination for Digital Nomads

According to the latest Digital Nomad Visa Index, Romania takes the 3rd place on the list.

Countries were ranked based on different factors:

  1. Internet Speed: Being able to work from anywhere, have online meetings, and stay connected with people around the world is possible because of a strong internet connection

  2. Taxation: Taxes are key for digital nomads’ financial health. They prefer lower rates to boost their income.

  3. Tax-free Policy: A country’s tax-free policy is vital for digital nomads. A longer tax-free period boosts their income benefits.

  4. Income Required Amount: Minimum monthly income requirements are important for people seeking a digital nomad visa.

  5. Cost of Living: Digital nomads benefit from a good quality of life when living costs are low, allowing them to manage effectively and reduce financial stress.

  6. Health Care Infrastructure: A solid healthcare infrastructure is essential for digital nomads, ensuring access to medical services and peace of mind while they work

  7. Tourism Popularity: Countries with high tourism are magnetic for digital nomads seeking adventure, cultural experiences, and a strong sense of community.


Key reasons why Romania is the third-best destination for digital nomads:

  • Internet Speed – Fastest internet speed (260.97 Mbps)
  • Cost of Living – Low cost of living for digital nomads (539.7€ per month)
  • Tax-free Policy – Digital Nomads don’t have to pay taxes while they have a Digital Nomad Visa
  • Tourism Popularity – Romania is increasingly drawing tourists with its captivating attractions (8th place in our list).
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