Romania posts the third highest electricity price in Europe

Romania has the third highest price in Europe for energy delivered today – 516 euros per Megawatt. We pay twice as much as the Poles and almost 3 and a half times more than the Spanish and the Portuguese, countries that have capped the price of electricity. Gas makes energy more expensive. This is in the situation where, for example, neither yesterday nor today the wind blows, and the wind turbines do not really work. States where electricity is cheaper have a large contribution of wind turbines and photovoltaics in energy production.

For the energy that was traded yesterday with delivery today – it is the so-called energy traded on the SPOT market – Romania has the third highest price in Europe. The first place is occupied by France with 529.6 euros/MWh. The price in Romania is 516.3 euros/MWh. A higher price is also in Italy – 518.3 euros/MWh. Prices are high in Romania. Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia have prices between 480 and 500 euros/MWh.

The price of gas, a material used for the production of electricity, has increased in the last year, in the context of the war in Ukraine and the discussions between Europe and Russia regarding gas supplies, the decision of the European Commission to reduce its imports of Russian gas or the play on which makes Moscow to keep pressure on Europe walking to the gas tap. Even if Romania is a gas producer, the price is one of the international market. We are tied to the other states, so we pay similar prices. Gas is the most expensive fuel used for electricity production.

Top countries with the lowest energy price today:

– Sweden..42,8 euro/MWh

– Finland…83,2 euro/MWh

– Portugal…148,2 euro/MWh

– Spain…148,2 euro/MWh

– Norway…148,4 euro/MWh

– Estonia…154,5 euro/MWh

– Denmark…188,4 euro/MWh

– Lithuania…241,9 euro/MWh

– Latvia…241,9 euro/MWh

– Poland…235,5 euro/MWh

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