Romania Ranks 2nd in Europe for IT Specialists , 4 in 10 Employees are Women

The number of IT specialists employed in Romania has seen a steady increase in recent years, making it one of the sectors with the highest salaries, as well as a high degree of workforce mobility. In this regard, the study “What It’s Like to Work in IT in 2024,” conducted by the online recruitment platform bestjobs in partnership with Orion Innovation, a global leader in IT services and solutions, outlines the profile of an IT employee and the challenges that come with working in this field.

As such, 3 out of 5 employees in IT&C consider 2024 to be a year that will bring significant changes to the IT industry. Salary (30%), development and growth opportunities (20%), work flexibility (15%), and benefits package (13%) are the most important criteria that IT specialists consider when accepting a job offer. However, 47% of the study’s respondents believe that it is currently more difficult to make a professional change.

In Romania, in August 2023, there were 240,800 employees in IT&C, 82% of them being up to 34 years old, according to Eurostat data. Thus, Romania ranks 2nd in Europe in terms of the number of specialists employed in IT and 5th among EU countries in terms of the percentage of women with IT&C studies, who work as IT specialists (29.9%). IT employees prefer to work remotely (89%) at least a few days a week, but currently the work mode is divided between remote (38%), hybrid (28%), and office-based (36%).

Although the lack of physical contact and real-time interaction can lead to a loss of human connection and a decrease in the level of engagement and team cohesion, a good relationship with colleagues is considered important by 94% of the survey respondents.

According to the study conducted by bestjobs and Orion Innovation, for IT employees, salary and fringe benefits are the reasons that determine whether or not they stay at their current job, with 55% of respondents expecting a minimum 10% salary increase this year. The average net salary for a junior IT specialist (0-2 years of experience) starts from 800 euros net and can reach over 3,000 euros net, in the case of a senior IT specialist. At the same time, the top benefits they receive at work, as part of the salary package, include flexible work schedules and methods, meal vouchers, access to private medical services, medical insurance, specialization courses and personal development. In addition to these, IT employees also want to receive a 13th salary, performance bonuses, support in professional certifications, private pension or shares in the company.
When asked what motivates them at work, IT respondents mention that the positive result of their work, the personal satisfaction of achieving something new, the possibility of getting a promotion or the appreciation of superiors and the team make them most involved in the job.
On the contrary, what demotivates them and makes them move towards a professional change are the lack of a salary increase, the state of burnout (extreme fatigue), the fact that the work they do does not bring them any satisfaction and the lack of appreciation from superiors and the team.
The study “What it’s like to work in IT in 2024″ provides a 360° perspective on the dynamics of the workforce in the IT industry and helps identify innovative strategies to recruit, motivate and retain talent.
The study is launched today, March 4, on the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development (WED), to mark the contribution that IT&C engineers have in creating a better world.
The survey was conducted between November and December 2023, on a sample of 840 IT employees in Romania.
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