Romania ranks 7th in the EU on recovery dashboard

Today, Eurostat released the August edition of the interactive European Statistical Recovery Dashboard.

The dashboard contains monthly and quarterly indicators from a number of statistical areas relevant for tracking the economic and social recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, across countries and time.

Romania ranks seventh in the European Union for now on economic increase in the second quarter of 2021 (compared to the second quarter of 2020), according to the Eurostat statistics. However, more countries like Greece, Croatia, Luxembourg and some others have not yet reported the data, so Romania might decrease in the chart a little bit.

Spain – 19.8%
France – 18.7%
Hungary – 17.7%
Italy – 17.3%
Belgium 14.5%
Portugal– 15.5%
Romania – 13.6%

The EU average stood at 13.2%, and the Eurozone average rate was 13.6%.

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