Romania Ranks 89th in Most Attractive Countries for Working Abroad

Romania is on the 89th place in the list of the most attractive professional relocation destinations, increasing in the ranking compared to 2020, when it was on the 92nd place, but below the rating of 2018, when it reached the 78th position.

Bucharest, on the other hand, gets a score lower than that of the country, being placed in 118th place, according to the annual study carried out by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), The Network, The Stepstone Group and

The candidates who would be most tempted to accept a job offer from Romania are those from Pakistan, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary and Austria, followed by those from Tunisia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Serbia and Ireland.

“When asked what would be the reasons why they would choose Romania, 52% put first the quality of life, the fact that there is an environment that is friendly to families (49%), the number and type of jobs put on the market by employers (47%), the cost of living (40%), the hospitable spirit and inclusive culture (38%), the fact that it is a country where one would feel safe (34%), but also the fact that the formalities to access the labor market in Romania are less complicated than for other countries. However, we lack arguments such as the quality of life or the existence of a health system in which they can trust, reasons that can be found, however, in the list of those who would like to emigrate, in general, not only to Romania”, explains Roxana Drăghici, Head of Sales within

On the other hand, the reasons that lead Romanians to consider the option of working outside are related to the economic context and the fact that they want higher salaries, as claimed by 85% of the respondents. The list of arguments goes on with the better career prospects they think they would have in another country (48%), a better quality of life in general (77%), the number and type of jobs put on the market by employers foreigners (50%), but also access to another cultural environment (43%).

“Those who postpone the decision to leave the country or simply refuse this option say that they are kept here by the fact that they would be separated from their family, by the attachment they have to the house and by the fear of not could adapt, but also the high costs that a relocation would entail. Romanians are also afraid of the language barrier, the cultural differences and, because we are a nation that would rather buy a home than rent, they are discouraged by the fact that it would be quite difficult for them to make a purchasereal estate”, says Roxana Drăghici.

These arguments must also be correlated with the fact that 31% of the Romanian candidates who would be willing to go abroad would do so for a long period of time. Only 8% would aim for a shorter experience of no more than one year. The countries to which most of the Romanian candidates go are Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, USA, France, Holland and Austria.
“The study carried out at the end of last year with the Boston Consulting Group also shows that, at the country level, 23% of the research participants were willing to go to work outside the country. Regarding the candidate segments with the greatest demand among employers, the percentages show as follows: 24% of those with higher education and specialists would be interested in working abroad and 32% of young candidates”, adds Roxana Drăghici.
Globally, candidates from all 185 countries participating in the study ranked London first as the city they would most like to work in. The ranking continues with Amsterdam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and New York.
The study was conducted between October and December 2023 on a sample of 150,000 respondents from 185 countries, including Romania.
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