Romania, the 1st place for cultivated areas with maize and sunflower in EU last year

Romania occupied the 1st place for the area cultivated with maize and the 2nd place for production, after France, due to an inferior yield, according to Eurostat provisional data. Otherwise, the maize yield achieved by Romania is the smallest compared to the one achieved by the main maize cultivating Member States. Also, Romania occupied the 5th place considering the area cultivated with wheat, after France, Germany, Poland and Spain and also considering the production, after France, Germany, United Kingdom and Poland. Considering the yield, Romania country is among the lower yield per hectare wheat cultivating Member States.

Sunflower is one of the traditional crops in Romania. Considering both the area cultivated with sunflower and the production, Romania occupied in 2014 the 1st place among the main sunflower cultivating Member States. Considering the area cultivated with potatoes, Romania occupied the 3rd place in 2014 after Poland and Germany and the 7th place at production (after Germany, Netherlands, France, Poland, Belgium and United Kingdom) due to the inferior yield.

On the same time, according to the results of National Institute of Statistics (INS) survey, in 2014 the crop production registered increases for cereals for grains, oilseed crops, sugar beet and potatoes and decreases for dried pulses and vegetables.

In 2014, the area cultivated with grain maize and the area cultivated with wheat represented 45.9 percent and 39 percent of the area cultivated with cereals for grains, respectively. Regarding the dried pulses, the production decreased by 4.1 percent due to the drop of the yield per hectare (-9.1 percent) compared to the previous year. The production of oilseed crops increased by 15.1 percent, due to the increase of both the cultivated area (+4.7 percent) and of the yields per hectare. Sugar beet production increased by 31.9 percent, mainly due to the increase of the yield per hectare by 19.1 percent, but also of the cultivated area by 10.7 percent.

The same INS data reveal that potatoes production increased by 7 percent due to the increase of the yield per hectare (+9.1 percent), although the cultivated area decreased (-2 percent) as against the previous year. Vegetables production decreased by 3.9 percent due to the decrease of the cultivated areas by 7.7 percent compared to the previous year.

In 2014, the production of grapes decreased by 20.8 percent, mainly due to the decrease of the yield per hectare, both for the grafted vineyards (-11.7 percent) and for the hybrid vineyards (-30.4 percent). The cultivated area decreased by 0.6 percent as against 2013.

The area of the fruit bearing orchards decreased by 4.1 percent. As against the previous year, the fruit production from orchards decreased by 4.3 percent. By main species of fruit trees, the production registered increases for apricot and ungrafted apricot trees, decreases for pear trees, plum and apple trees and the cherry and sour cherry trees remained at the level of the previous year.


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