Romanian CEOs vs social media

Over half of the Romanian managers are present on the social media, with the most popular network being LinkedIN (67%), followed by Facebook (61%) and Twitter (16%), reads “The social CEO” survey conducted by EY Romania during October-November last year.

64% of the Romanians think that a CEO’s social profile is determined by what is reporting the online media about him, while 50 % believe that what makes the difference are the CEO’s posts on the company’s website and 47% of the respondents consider that the CEO’s social media posts are the most relevant.

However, a strong perception says that those company leaders who are not present on social media channels will become less and less relevant in the digital era.

The respondents also consider that managers can be more efficient in managing crisis if they use social media.

44 percent of the respondents say that the company’s CEO is rarely posting on social media networks, meaning once in several months, while 29 percent state that they have a very active CEO who is posting once or twice a week.

Romania has a leadership culture still bearing the transition hallmark. The resistance to the transparency and the openness involved by the digitalization and the social media is mostly visible among company leaders who spent their first years of professional training within the centralized economy. The strong pressure coming now from the new generations and global trends will undoubtedly generate a speedy shift in the upcoming years, even among the most conservative leaders in Romania,” said Elena Badea, marketing manager EY Romania.

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