Romanian entrepreneur develops unique platform in Romania to compete with LinkedIn Ads

Local entrepreneur Daniel Slăvenie (35 years old), co-founder of Limitless Agency, a digital marketing agency in Romania, takes over 9% of the financial data company Through this investment, he wants to develop a platform that will compete with LinkedIn Ads in the long term. is the only platform in Romania that presents the financial data of companies on the local market and their financial evolution over the last 10 years through representative graphs, but also information about the court records of legal entities, being the largest public database about companies in the country. The platform is valued at 25 million euros (investment value) by Appraisal & Valuation S.A., known under the NAI Romania & Moldova brand, a company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Thus, through the strategic partnership with, the entrepreneur Daniel Slăvenie will invest in the development of a data management platform (Data Management Platform), a technology dedicated to businesses that want to advertise and address other businesses.

Through the partnership with, we contribute to the growth and evolution of the Romanian digital marketing market, supporting companies and specialists in the field with a unique solution, which works similarly to LinkedIn Ads technology, but which aims to be more efficient, more targeted and at lower costs smaller the desired audience. In Romania, apart from LinkedIn, there is no platform for very targeted B2B marketing campaigns. Thus, by accessing the database, we will launch an advanced technology through which advertisements will precisely reach company owners in any industry”, explains Daniel Slăvenie, entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing.

We are happy to have such a solid partnership, which will bring new business opportunities and growth both to the digital marketing market and to companies in Romania. Through, the largest public financial and legal database of companies, we offer access to correct and updated information to develop the most effective technology for brand advertising. Our partnership is a strategic step to offer advanced technological solutions in an extremely competitive market”, points out Adrian Dragomir, founder of

The solution, which will be launched in 2023, will generate a higher ROI (return on investment) than other classic solutions on the market, given that the targeting of the audience is specific and at much lower costs compared to current platforms, like LinkedIn Ads or Facebook Ads. Thus, companies will optimize their marketing costs.

“Since we entered the digital marketing industry, by creating MoLoSo agency in 2014, we have always looked for optimal solutions to promote our clients so that they increase their profitability. I have already started the development of automation tools for the e-commerce industry and I believe that at this moment without technology you cannot perform in the online environment, that is why I am very interested in further developing beneficial solutions for companies in Romania”, says Daniel Slăvenie.

Co-founder of MoLoSo online marketing agency, which in 2022 merged with the SEO Cupcake agency developing the Limitless Agency entity, Daniel Slăvenie has 15 years of experience in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, being also an investor and adviser in other companies. Passionate about technology in marketing, the entrepreneur constantly invests in creating solutions that automate digital advertising processes.

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