Romanian entrepreneurs – exporters in Italy and Austria, importers of Polish goods

The local entrepreneurs, who are selling their products and services internationally, record the highest sales in Italy and Austria, buying mostly from Poland, according to a study released on Thursday, Agerpres informs.

When it comes to exports, official data released by the Italian Office for Statistics – – show that the companies in Romania are ranked 10th in a top of the main European exporters whose goods and services reach on the Italian market.

Regarding Austria, data show that EU businesses, including those in Romania, were responsible for the bulk of Austrian imports (EUR 37.7 billion out of a total of EUR 53.88 billion) of goods and services in January-May 2015.

At the same time, the Central Statistic Office of Poland shows that last year, Romania was ranked 18th among the main importers of Polish goods and services. In the first quarter of this year, Romania has advanced one place on the 17th (while the Polish imports of goods increased by 1.5 percent), generating as many exports from Poland as Turkey does.

In terms of exports, Romanian traders sell abroad especially building materials, furniture, fruits and vegetables, footwear and metal building products.

On the other hand, Polish exports to Romania increased and reached a volume greater than that of exports to China, which has generated an increasing interest of Polish traders against Romania as a market for their products. The furniture products are the most popular goods imported by Romanian entrepreneurs from their counterparts in Poland.

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