Romanian poultry meat, valued for export

Poultry meat producer and processor Aaylex, holder of COCORICO brand, has recently attended the most important food product fair in the UK, and one of the largest fairs dedicated to the European food industry – International Food & Drink Event IFE 2015 in London, searching for new perspectives and outlets for their products.

COCORICO was present in the London fair with two product ranges – chicken breast and wings, star products of the company, already exported on the British market. Aaylex, the company holding the brand, is currently one of the largest poultry meat exporters from Romania, with a portfolio of external customers from 16 states, including: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, UK, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia.

“By means of such international fairs we want to create loyalty on the external market and promote the quality and unique taste of our products, which can successfully compete against any EU or non-EU competitor. Exports are increasing, being consolidated by the constant evolution of our company over the last years. We are optimistic that we would manage to make COCORICO a successful Romanian as well as European brand”, said Bogdan Grama, General Manager of Aaylex Group in a press release.

On the British market, COCORICO products are already acknowledged for their quality and taste, particularly by the HoReCa customers, the main partners of the company. Aaylex Prod holds the highest A-level certification of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Food Standard, which certifies the compliance with the most stringent international regulations in terms of food safety and product quality, due to its integrated production system.

Aaylex Group holds 18 farms with a total capacity of approximately 36 million live chickens/year. In addition, there are 2 hatching stations of 18 million eggs/year, 2 adult poultry breeding farms with a production of 20 million eggs/year and 2 young poultry breeding farms. The farms have operations in 6 counties: Buz?u, Br?ila, C?l?ra?i, Gala?i, Giurgiu and Prahova. Aalyex Prod manages its own slaughterhouse located in Buz?u, being one of the largest and most modern slaughterhouses in Europe. Its current slaughtering capacity is 9,000 heads an hour, processing the whole headcount coming from Aaylex farms. The slaughterhouse produces 60,000 tons of meat/year. Opened in 2011, the new slaughterhouse is a Greenfield investment worth 54 million Euro.

Romania participated in the IFE London international fair with a national pavilion, organised as part of the export promotion programme of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Tourism. The Romanian pavilion gathered together 19 companies and renowned brands of the Romanian food industry, exhibiting products on an area of 111 square meters.

Over 1,200 companies from 55 countries on 5 continents attended this year’s edition of IFE London, the first exhibiting event of the global food industry in 2015, under 9 categories, exhibiting from meat and fish products, regional specialties, cheese and dairies, to drinks, food ingredients and bakery and pastry products.

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