Romanian Retailer Flanco Acquires Land for Store Construction

Flanco announced the acquisition of its first two real estate projects for new greenfield stores. They are located in commercial areas of Botoșani and Brașov and were purchased in the last six months, each with an area of 5,000 square meters.
“Starting this year, we are also interested in real estate acquisitions, in order to build Flanco stores from scratch, adapted to our needs and those of the customers who visit us, but also to the sustainability requirements”. The projects in Botoșani and Brașov are only the first in this series. We continue to look for similar opportunities – either land or existing commercial structures that can be modified or expanded,”says Dragoș Sîrbu, CEO of Flanco Retail.
The retailer proposes the construction of stores under a new concept, operationally and energetically optimized. The commercial spaces they are targeting will have an area of 1,500 sq m, which can accommodate storage areas, presentation of a wide range of products and dedicated areas for technology testing.
The constructions will be based on sustainable materials, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The stores will be complemented by parking lots, large green spaces, as well as places specially designed for the collection and recycling of electrical household waste.
“We are targeting similar acquisitions of land or commercial buildings in 20 medium and large cities in the country. We scout the market for real estate projects with potential. In parallel, we are continuing our network expansion strategy throughout the country, aiming to open new stores in shopping centers that are being renovated or in development, in retail parks and in street areas with potential”, adds Dragoș Sîrbu.
In 2023, Flanco allocated the largest investment budget in the company’s history, worth over 30.5 million lei, 70% of the amount being invested in the store network. The company also has an investment budget this year, which it will allocate according to the opportunities offered by the market and how they fit into the general development and sustainability plans.
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