Romanian Startup Debuts Multilingual Voice Bots for Natural Customer Interactions

Romanian start-up has developed an innovative software solution – voice robots for the automation of customer service departments. AI-powered voice agents can have natural conversations in 25 languages, are available 24/7, can have unlimited concurrent conversations, and offer LIVE support for any niche. Thus, waiting times in any customer support department could disappear, and responses to consumer problems would be much faster.

“AI chatbots have already revolutionized how companies interact with customers. Reports show they can answer up to 80% of routine customer questions. The main difference that brings to the market is that the AI ​​bots can have a natural conversation and a unique free dialogue for each call, pursuing the final goal, unlike classic IVR bots, where the dialogue is carried out by pressing predefined keys. Depending on the degree of difficulty, the implementation of this solution takes from 2 weeks for a simple flow, such as appointment confirmation, and up to 2-3 months for complex and closely related to the client’s systems, such as debt collection with the proposal of a payment plan in installments. We are confident this solution will completely transform how companies interact with customers”, said Ștefan Petrea, co-founder and CTO of

The total investment for the development of voice robots amounted to EUR 300,000, and the company aims to quickly and efficiently automate phone calls with the help of artificial intelligence for companies in Romania and the United States of America.

The new solution offers several benefits for companies implementing this technology, including significantly reducing operational costs, creating a more positive environment within the company by eliminating repetitive and tedious tasks, and providing 24/7 multilingual availability for an unlimited number of simultaneous calls.

“The business environment is becoming increasingly competitive, and technology allows us to implement solutions to streamline and improve the customer experience. After understanding the need for such a solution in our own business, both locally and beyond, we developed a functional prototype. Following validated implementations, it has evolved into – the voice bot solution for customer service automation. Our goal is to revolutionize customer service interactions through these AI-based voice agents,” said Alex Filoti, co-founder and CEO of

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