Romanian startup Telerenta launches RentBox – the first vending machine in the world that allows on-the-spot TVs rental and instant pickup

The Romanian technology startup, Telerenta, which operates the only electronic equipment rental platform in Southeast Europe for home users, launches a new service: RentBox, the first vending machine in the world that allows immediate rental and instant pickup of TV sets. The duration of the entire process, from selecting the product until the pickup, takes only a few minutes.

Each RentBox vending machine has 3 TVs of different sizes (32, 40 and 50 inches), from different manufacturers.

All RentBox components, hardware and software, are developed and produced exclusively in Romania in partnership with BobNet Group, one of the largest developers of solutions for automated retail in Europe.

The RentBox instant rental solution is perfectly adapted to the dynamics of the moment and meets the desires of the modern consumer to get everything here and now, who appreciates freedom and flexibility, who easily seeks and adopts technological innovations. Through the RentBox instant rental solution, Telerenta accesses a new retail area, which requires a physical presence with a high degree of automation and a different type of interaction with customers and prospects”, says Mădălin Ilie, Telerenta CEO.

How does RentBox work?

  • Customers, who want to rent the TV and immediately take it home, scan a QR code displayed on the RentBox vending machine and select the TV and the rental period, which varies between 3 and 24 months;
  • Then, the clients are remotely identified and the contract is electronically signed, directly on the mobile phone. The eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) identification process is fully automated and offered by Qoobiss Romania, a leading European company in the field of digital identity verification solutions. The process is fully digitized and takes a few minutes;
  • After completing these steps, the TV can be lifted out of the RentBox.

Telerenta, part of the American investment group NCH (New Century Holdings), recently launched the only electronic equipment rental platform for home users in Romania and has a potential market of 500,000 users.

The company has developed its own technology that allows individual users to rent electronic equipment (currently televisions), for a period between 3 and 24 months. Customers, thus, have permanent access to high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment that can be used according to their needs.

The service offered by Telerenta has national coverage, the rented products can be delivered anywhere in Romania.

Rental costs start at 49.99 lei/month, for a flexible 24-month contract. Users can benefit from product advantages and complementary services at monthly costs comparable to subscriptions offered by TV streaming platforms.

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