Romanian telecom market, RON 15.6 bn in 2017

The Romanian telecommunications market is among the most dynamic ones, as reflected by the revenue growth in this sector. In 2017, the total revenue amounted to RON 15.6 billion, meaning 1.8 percent in GDP, according to National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM).

“As a regulator of this constantly growing sector, we are aware that we must focus more than ever on our main mission – that Romanians should have access to the latest and most reliable technologies and services, at the best prices,” Sorin Grindeanu, president of ANCOM, stated.

According to the data reported by the providers in the Romanian electronic communications market, the overall revenue from the provision of electronic communications networks and services totalled RON 15.6 billion in 2017, up by 6 percent compared to 2016. In EUR, this total revenue amounted to approximately 3.4 billion, up by 4 percent y.o.y.

Looking at each provider’s 2017 revenue, the market leader held a market share of 27 percent, the second largest provider 25 percent, the next one 21 percent, and the rest of the providers 27 percent.

The telecom sector continues to significantly contribute to Romania’s GDP in 2017, accounting for about 1.8 percent of it.

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