Romanian vegetable taste in African villages

Since intensive farming, with industrially-made hybrid seeds and large-scale companies and machinery have prevailed, Romania is facing the loss of traditional seeds even though these traditional seeds allow the small-scale peasants to practice farming in the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Eco Ruralis, a grassroots association from Cluj-Napoca, made up of small farmers who practice organic and traditional farming based on environmentally-conscious principles, came with a great idea.

Since 2009, the non-governmental organization has been acting toward the revitalization of traditional seed heritage and the right to use it freely in Romania. The association is collecting traditional seeds from several parts of Romania and from many foreign groups with which the farmers are collaborating with (Kokopelli – France, Peliti – Greece, Arche Noah – Austria, Irish Seed Savers – Ireland). Recently, Eco Ruralis added new partners. At an event dedicated to seed exchanges, the association sent to Africa a variety of tomatoes which is now used in two villages from the Kolda desert area in Senegal, informs.

According to Ramona Duminiciuoiu, Eco Ruralis coordinator, from this type of exchanges, the Romanian seeds reached in countries such as Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary and USA.

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