Romanians peter out Black Friday

The Black Friday concept, a day on which electronics’ retailers launch unbeatable discounts, becomes less and less functional in Romania.

After the first experience which proved to be a successful one, Black Friday has been organized every year in our country, following the original from the US.

Nowadays, after three years of Black Friday in Romania, our retailers have taken the decision to launch the Black Friday campaign earlier, in order to eclipse the competition.

The precedent was created last year by eMag, our largest online electronics’ retailer, which hurried to kick off Black Friday a week ahead the scheduled date. This year, its main competitor evoMag took a whole month in advance, according to

evoMAG announced last week the launch of the “warm-up for Black Friday” 2014, with discounts exceeding 60 per cent for hundreds of products in almost all existing categories.

Alongside evoMAG, OKTAL, are coming with attractive bids on electronics, IT components and accessories, appliances, books and the list could go on.

Diverta stores have also announced discounts up to 90 per cent this same period. Offline retailers such as Flanco, Altex and Media Galaxy, which propose advantageous discounts, are also among the ones launching the discounts one month before Black Friday.

American autumn discounts’ campaign, under its well-known name Black Friday, was adopted by Romanians and organized for the first time in 2011. In the US, Black Friday means that, in the last Friday of November, after Thanksgiving, retailers launch tenders for a few days, marking the start of winter sales. Overseas, buyers know that discounts start in the last Friday of November, and shops carefully prepare their offers and launch them on the scheduled date.


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