Romanians prefer local food, but foreign-made devices, study reveals

Most Romanians in the urban area prefer the food they consume to have domestic origin. However, when it comes to electronics, appliances, cars or phones / tablets, they appreciate more the foreign brands, according to a iSense Solutions study.

Thus, from a list of 14 categories of evaluated products, the consumers choose those of Romanian origin, first of all when it comes to perishable foods (fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc.), those with a high shelf life (canned, flour etc.), sweets, snacks, clothing (including for children), alcoholic and mobile drinks. The most appreciated Romanian products are from Ardeal (30 percent) and from Moldova (11 percent), while for 43 percent of consumers it doesn’t matter the region from which they come from.

”It should be noted that, in recent years, the Romanians’ attachment to the products locally manufactured is maintained. For example, 72 percent of Romanians in the urban area say that they have found themselves in brands with local products rather than foreign ones (28 percent), which brings an important potential for retailers who position themselves with brands built in the authentic Romanian area,” Andrei Canda, Managing Partner iSense Solutions said.

According to the study, the main reasons why consumers prefer local products are encouraging small producers (77 percent), contributing to the national economy (57 percent), more confidence (48 percent), their purchase makes them feel more comfortable (41 percent) or consider them better (40 percent).

On the other hand, Romanians opt for foreign-made products, of superior quality compared to the Romanian ones (52 percent), giving them more confidence (28 percent). Preferred countries for the products of foreign origin are Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, France and USA.

The study was conducted online by iSense Solutions on a sample of 1,051 urban respondents.

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