Romanians spend more money in malls in 2024

The latest Reveal Marketing Research study commissioned by Brand Management aimed to find out more details about how much time Romanians spend at the mall and how much money they spend, looking for differences in their behaviors compared to the similar study conducted last year.

  • Romanians spend 9% more money during a visit to the mall, namely 327 lei.
  • Those from Generation X spend the highest amounts: 346 lei per visit to the mall.
  • The average length of a visit to the mall increased by over 9%, to 142 minutes.
The average amount spent by Romanians during a visit to malls increased by 9% compared to 2023, reaching 327 lei. Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980) spends the highest amount per visit, on average 346 lei, while Generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) spends the lowest amount, 293 lei. The data is included in a market study carried out by Brand Management, the leader of the indoor advertising market and the first profile company whose services have national coverage.
“The market study reflects market trends and the habits of Romanian consumers, being a qualitative expression of Trafic5, the indicator launched this year by Brand Management to measure Romanians’ appetite for shopping in malls. This study is extremely useful both for us, as leaders of the indoor advertising segment in Romania, as well as for marketers and brands, offering them demographic and behavioral data that they would not otherwise be able to obtain. In addition, Brand Management is preparing for the digitization of the relationship with customers through a project that we intend to launch in the near future,” said Laurentiu Jiga, CEO and founder of the Brand Management company.
The study shows that 59% of respondents go to the mall at least once a week. Among Generation Z, this percentage is even higher, reaching 70%. Also, 31% consider that any day of the week is suitable for a visit, an attitude found more often among those who go to the mall frequently (42%).
The previous study on the same topic, published in May 2023, showed that the average time spent by Romanians in a mall visit was 130 minutes. This year, the average length of a mall visit increased by 9.2% to 142 minutes, with Gen Z spending an average of 174 minutes.
Women spend an average of 151 minutes at the mall, compared to 133 minutes for men. Also, 60% of mall goers are married, 16% are engaged in a relationship, and 15% are single.
In a dynamic and constantly changing market, studies like the one carried out in partnership with Reveal Marketing Research are essential to guide brands to their customers. Such research not only gives us concrete data about consumer behavior, but also helps us better understand their trends and preferences. Thus, we can adapt sales strategies and offer indoor advertising solutions that meet the current needs of our customers,” said Georgian Drăghici, sales director at Brand Management.
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