Romania’s first suspended roundabout was put in service

The road traffic on Romania’s first suspended roundabout on the Ploiești (Prahova County) ring road was opened on Saturday, following an investment of almost EUR 13 million from European funds.

Thus, the traffic on the DJ 102 overpass was opened, to Păuleşti – Brasov, over DN1B, an intersection where traffic accidents frequently occur.

The ribbon cutting whereby the investment called “Reunion Flyover” became operational, has not been made in the classical style, but by two cars that passed in speed, virtually opening the traffic on the roundabout.

The financing contract for this project was signed in January 2013, the value in the contract reaching at RON 78.59 million, of which the total eligible was RON 77.12 million.

The suspended roundabout has a length of about one kilometer and a height of about 7 meters, its resistance being guaranteed for 100 years.

The project was also inaugurated in April, but was not put into use because there were technical details to be worked out. The implementation period was 42 months of which 33 months were for execution.


"Reunion Flyover"investmentroad trafficRomania’s first suspended roundabout
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