Romania’s largest agricultural producer, coveted by Al Dahra

Agricost Braila, Romania’s largest agricultural producer, is almost to be bought by Abu Dhabi-based Al Dahra group, owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. According to market sources quoted by, the transaction value would be over EUR 200 million.

Agricost operates about 56,000 hectares of land in the Big Island of Braila and is also the largest beneficiary of the subsidies granted by the Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA), getting almost EUR 12 million in 2016.

Thus, the chief executive government officer of Al Dahra Holding, Sulaiman Al Nuamei, confirmed on Monday that the Arab Investment Fund he represents wants to expand this year on the agricultural market in Romania and Serbia with the intention of cultivating 30,000 hectares in Romania and another 20,000 hectares in Serbia.

Recently, Al Dahra has acquired a feed production company in Australia as it is seeking to expand in this sector.

Al Dahra aims at achieving an annual growth rate of 30 percent by expanding, increasing exports, and introducing new products.

The company owns or operates approximately 81,000 hectares of cultivation worldwide, and the acquisition of Agricost would mean a nearly 70 percent increase.

Al Dahra Holding is a prominent leader in the agribusiness sector, specializing in the cultivation, production and trading of animal feed and essential human food commodities. Al Dahra has made considerable investments in the production, packaging and marketing of grains.

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