Romania’s weapons export up to EUR 180m

Romania’s weapons exports have doubled in 2013. Specialists say the weapons produced in Romania at Cugir go mainly to American hunters or to the German ones and not to the Special Forces.

In 2013 Romania cashed almost EUR 180 million from several countries importing military components. The Netherlands was the main buyer with EUR 70 million. According to the department for weapons export control, the Dutch have bought a ship for transporting nuclear waste, a ship body for logistic support and the documentation for a multirole frigate.

The most important clients are the US, Israel, the UK and Morocco. The Americans have bought dozens of machine guns and for anti-aircraft defence, some 10,000 revolvers and semi-automatic guns, sport guns, grenade launchers, guidance equipments and aircraft accessories. Gun sighting telescopes have had a good promotion in the US.

A good market for weapons and military components is Africa, Romanian produced weapons being used by the armies not under international embargo.

The government has decided last year to re-launch the military industry, as the factories are indebted and Romania is almost absent from the map of important world producers.

Other importers of Romanian weapons were France, Germany, Bangladesh, Egypt and India. New clients are Jordan, Mozambique, Zambia, Greece and R. of Moldova.

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