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You may have noticed that more and more organisations and companies are talking about Scrum and Agile. Why? It’s because many who have used the Waterfall project management framework in the past are switching to various Agile frameworks for improved project management. One of the most popular frameworks is Scrum. Why? Scrum is appreciated by many because it offers significant performance gains and is very simple to implement and run.

Some of the driving forces behind the Scrum way of working on a project is the strong need for achievements at each stage in a project, receiving positive feedback and the ownership of completed work that the team that was involved with it.

If you are interested in becoming qualified and certified in Scrum or your company is starting to roll out plans to shift their way of doing things to the Scrum and Agile thing, you need to take the right sort of course with the right course provider. One of the best ways to get CSM is by following the Path to Becoming a CSP or Certified Scrum Professional as laid out by Scrum Alliance.

Why is this one of the best?

Why Choose Scrum Certification Through Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance as an organisation promotes a strong foundation in both Agile and Scrum practices. They have devised the pathway to becoming a CSP as rigorous as they could and although there are different separate qualifications and certifications such as CSM and A-CSM, you are expected to complete several courses to get to the top ladder of the Scrum certification.

Although there are many paths offered by Scrum Alliance the Certified Scrum Professional is the one that will appeal to most people and assumes both Certified ScrumMaster and Advanced-Certified ScrumMaster courses being completed before the training can be undertaken.

What Are the Benefits of Path to Becoming a CSP through Scrum Alliance?

As one of the pioneers of the Scrum product development and project management framework, there are a lot of benefits to be had from enrolling through the Scrum Alliance. To give you an idea of what these are, we have highlighted some of the most important below.

One-of-a-Kind Educational Programme – the pathway to CSP certification is a one-of-a-kind educational program that provides you with very role-specific, comprehensive education in Agile and Scrum.

Access to Advanced-Level Courses – You can take your understanding and footing in Scrum and Agile to a completely different, higher level with Scrum Alliance’s courses. They are designed to help you develop the knowledge, understanding, and command of the Scrum practices and methods that set you at a higher level than others in the same field and sector.

You Can Achieve Guide-Level Certifications – taking the Path to Certified Scrum Professional through Scrum Alliance allows you to reach such a high level of certification that you can even qualify to become an official and authorised Scrum guide, in either the role of a Trainer or Coach.

World-Class Training – Scrum Alliance are one of the most widely recognised and reputable training organisations in the world. Therefore, the standard of their training and their method of training their enrolled students is second-to-none. Many people around the world have stated that there is no better way to learn Scrum than through the Scrum Alliance. Their training program is certainly considered to be the most robust and advanced in existence right now.

If you are looking to invest in Scrum and Agile training, there is no better way to do it than with Scrum Alliance. Taking the path that leads you from Certified ScrumMaster to Advanced Certified ScrumMaster to find yourself a Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster, is a great choice that will put you in the best position, both within your current organisation and if you ever look for another job.

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