SII Romania expands with its second regional office, in Timișoara

SII Romania, a multinational company specialized in IT services and solutions, announces the opening of its second regional office in Timișoara, following the success achieved with the opening of the first office in Iași.

SII Romania opened its second regional office in Timișoara at the end of January, one of the economic and cultural hubs of the western region of Romania. The office is located in the central area, in close proximity to Iulius Mall, and provides SII Romania teams with all the facilities and technical equipment of interest, support services, as well as the possibility of expansion in line with the company’s short and medium-term development objectives.

“The opening of the office in Timișoara represents an important step in the company’s growth and expansion strategy. We are proud to strengthen our presence in the western region of Romania and to be closer to our clients and teams, offering them high-quality IT services and support,” declared company representatives.

The choice of the new location took into account both ongoing projects and the commercial potential of the region, the talent pool, and the feedback from local employees.

“Our goal is to provide quality, flexible solutions in proximity to our partners, to respond to market dynamics and the specific needs of the local business environment. In this regard, we rely on a high level of expertise in key areas of activity in the development of the western region,” company representatives affirmed.

National territorial expansion is a crucial step for the continued development of SII Romania and the consolidation of its Distributed Delivery Center (DDC), serving both national and international clients. It relies on teams distributed nationally, allowing rapid access to a wide range of technologies, skills, and resources.

To strengthen its regional presence, SII Romania also relies on developing strong partnerships with educational institutions and chambers of commerce in Timișoara.

The opening of the new office comes on the heels of the success achieved by the first regional location, opened in June 2023 in Iași, where a team of over 50 software engineers operates. The next targeted location for opening a new office is Cluj.

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