Six new startups join the Orange Fab program following the call for 5G projects

Orange Romania announces the inclusion in the Orange Fab acceleration program of six new startups that were selected following the call for 5G projects announced in the spring of this year. Chosen from over 20 registered startups, the 6 selected companies have developed innovative solutions in areas such as logistics and intelligent warehouse management, remote navigation of cargo barges, visual recognition services and AI-based analysis or software for remote control of humanoid robots through a VR solution.

By joining the six technology companies, the Orange Fab accelerator reaches a total of 50 startups enrolled in the program from 2017 to date. In the 6 years, Orange Fab has constantly expanded its fields of activity to respond more effectively to the business needs of customers, targeting directions such as 5G networks and networks of the future, IoT and connected objects, smart city and mobility, fintech, smart retail, media and entertainment, health and digital education. Until now, Orange Fab has purchased products and services worth 2.2 million euros from the startups included in the program, implementing more than 100 projects alongside them.

Soon we are going to start collaborating with the 6 new startups that join the Orange Fab program, but above all to integrate and capitalize on the performance of 5G technology in their services. In addition, the technological resources offered to the two Orange 5G laboratories in Bucharest and Iași, will contribute to the acceleration of their businesses and create new usage scenarios of this technology. Whether they will be added to the portfolio of services offered to our B2B customers or will be integrated into internal products, we believe that the 6 companies are developing solutions with great potential, and the Orange Fab program is here to support them with access to the latest technologies and mentorship from Orange experts,” said Ana Ciobanu, Startup Programs Manager, Orange Romania.

AI Vision is an AI-based video analysis platform that uses data from video cameras to identify over 26 classes of objects such as fire, weapons or violence, with the ability to anonymize by blurring people and vehicles in live streams or videos . The application uses Orange’s edge-compute infrastructure integrated with 5G technology, which uses URLLC (low latency of 8ms) and eMBB (very high throughput) components to quickly transmit alarms to devices connected to the 5G private network. Users have centralized and encrypted management of video streams, and security and electronic security firms receive alarms extremely quickly at dispatch. The platform also helps municipalities identify traffic congestion in real time.

Agora Robotics is a deep tech company that develops autonomous mobile robots for warehouse management and logistics processes. During the pandemic, they developed an autonomous disinfection robot with UVC light and at the beginning of next year they will come to the market with an autonomous industrial floor cleaning robot. The company’s medium-term vision includes the development of an ecosystem of autonomous robots to provide complete and integrated logistics process automation services. The ecosystem will also include a shelf inventory robot and an internal transport robot for warehouses. Agora robots use 5G technology for data transmission and analysis, remote control of the robot fleet and easier integration into IoT. is an innovative platform for the courier market in Romania, which offers customers the opportunity to reduce the number of returns for products damaged due to transport or faulty handling. The startup thus facilitates the adoption of a sustainable strategy to reduce the CO2 footprint for businesses in e-commerce, transport and logistics through trackXs: a smart tag that monitors parcels in real time for location, shocks, security, free fall, inclination , temperature and humidity. has also integrated into this platform a B2B marketplace that connects businesses with last-mile delivery companies, a platform that automates route management for couriers.

IRIS Robotics has developed software for remote control of humanoid robots through a VR solution. It is developed especially for the medical, banking and education sectors. The developed and customized application modules include: communication in several languages, interactive presentations and quizzes to check the acquired knowledge, but also integration with Chat GPT used for complex communication. The solutions created allow customization for each client and the development of bespoke functionality to specifically address the needs of each organization.

Trading Line offers integrated logistics and remote control solutions for cargo vessels, whether autonomous or semi-autonomous. The remote control center controls ships and port cranes, improving the safety and efficiency of transportation. Thanks to the live streaming capability, cargo transfer activity can be tracked in real time, ensuring a transparent and efficient service.

Soft Tehnica is a software product developer with an extensive portfolio of services, from e-commerce, electronic signature, business management software, mobile applications, e-learning, customized solutions for public administration, custom software and AR-based applications , AI and VR. Aidoo by Soft Tehnica represents an innovation in the field of virtual communication, creatively combining 3D holograms, AI technologies and real-time interactions to fundamentally change the way it relates to customers or target audiences. Advanced artificial intelligence enables Aidoo to understand users’ questions and needs, providing accurate and tailored responses.

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