Slănic-Moldova Casino put up for sale at €1,450,000

Romania Sotheby’s International Realty is putting up for sale a rarity of Romanian cultural heritage. The renowned Slănic-Moldova Casino, an iconic historic property, is now available for the price of €1,450,000 (reduced from €1,900,000), according to Sotheby’s Romania.

Built in 1892-1894 by skilled Italian stonemasons according to the plans of three esteemed architects, George Sterian, H. Rick and Nicolae Ghica-Budești, the Slănic-Moldova Casino holds the distinction of being the first casino in Romania. It was a vital component of King Carol I’s strategic vision to develop Romanian resorts, following the model of renowned international destinations.

Combining elements of Art Nouveau, Neo-Romanian and Neo-Renaissance architectural styles, the Slănic-Moldova Casino is a breathtaking masterpiece. The decorative stone elements and the door and window frames come from secular Neo-Romanian, but the towers are from Eastern religious architecture. Other elements are reminiscent of Neo-Renaissance correspondences – for example the symmetry of the composition and the painted decorative panels.

Throughout its rich history, the casino has undergone various transformations and has served as a house of culture, performance hall, town library, art gallery and other public functions. The original 350-seat cinema remains a true gem.

Over the years, the property has been expanded with the addition of two terraces, a brasserie and, since 1960, a guesthouse. Extensive renovation and restoration efforts took place in the 1980s and ’94-’95, resulting in the brilliant state the casino is in today. Thanks to these meticulous architectural designs and restoration efforts, the casino proudly stands as a vibrant and dynamic structure, defying the aging process that has befallen many other historic monuments of its time.

Today, the Casino of Slănic-Moldova is looking for a visionary owner to harness its exceptional tourist potential and restore its joie de vivre. The property’s location on the banks of the Slănic River places it in a breathtaking setting, adorned with fir and beech forests. In addition, the area boasts over 20 mineral springs that have been renowned since the 19th century. These natural wonders provide the basis for exceptional spa experiences. The wide-ranging attractions offered by Slănic-Moldova position it as an emblematic resort of Moldova, just 84 km from Bacău.

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