Smart Diesel part of DKV Mobility launched Kopilot, the first application in Romania that guarantees you will always refuel at the lowest price

Kopilot, the first application in Romania that helps businesses in the transport industry choose the most efficient routes in Europe and thus save up to 5000 EURO per truck, per year, was launched.

The Kopilot application is developed by Smart Diesel part of DKV, a company that has been offering mobility solutions on the Romanian market for over 10 years.

More than 500 industry representatives visited the Smart Diesel part of DKV stand and made contact for the first time with the newly launched tool, during one of the most important events dedicated to transporters, Gala Tranzit, which took place on November 4, in Cluj.

“We closely followed over 11,000 Smart Diesel part of DKV customers and came to the conclusion that manual planning of international transport routes is time-consuming and cost-inefficient. Using a digital route optimization tool, carriers can streamline operational costs and increase business profitability, without further investments in the car fleet!”, said Toni Andrei, Product Marketing Director in the company.

Kopilot simplifies decision-making and helps carriers identify the optimal fueling plan, correctly estimate fuel costs and tolls on transited routes, and thus achieve profitable runs for their business.

Which are the main benefits for Kopilot users?


They always know where, when and how much to refuel

The Kopilot algorithm calculates the best fueling plan for each route, with prices updated daily from over 2000 DKV stations in Europe, functionality that helps reduce annual transport costs by up to €5,000 per truck.

Smart features

Users can calculate tolls on the selected route and have included special maps for trucks through integration with HERE WeGo technology, which they can send to the driver in the race, in the GPS navigation module.

One tool: from the desk for the dispatcher, on the road for the driver

Kopilot helps dispatchers and fleet managers to intelligently plan routes and ensure fueling plans are easily met by the race driver.

All important information in one place

All driver and fleet car documents can be saved and organized in one place, with 24/7 access and notifications before they expire.

Subscriptions for the Kopilot app are monthly or annual and start at 79 euros/month with a grace period of up to 3 months. Find out all the details at

The use of digital solutions creates new opportunities for development, performance improvement and profit growth. In a world where speed is essential for business development, Smart Diesel part of DKV Mobility offers digital solutions that help transport companies gain a competitive edge in the market.

About Smart Diesel part of DKV Mobility

Smart Diesel, the largest independent fuel company in Romania, was acquired in 2020 by DKV Mobility, one of the leading providers of mobility services for the logistics and transport industry. Smart Diesel products and services part of DKV Mobility connect businesses in the transport industry across Europe, offering customized solutions through a consultative sale dedicated to business optimization. Thus, the 12,000 current customers can use the Smart Diesel fuel card to benefit from competitive fuel prices in Romania, but also in the 2000 stations in Europe. Companies that need an extensive refueling network at competitive prices in Europe can use the DKV card, thus having access to 67,000 stations, and companies with local activity can refuel in the 800 OMV Petrom stations through the OMV card, offered by Smart Diesel as an OMV brand partner.

Complete mobility services. You focus on the transport, we do the rest!

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