SMEs using collaborative robots alongside employees are up to 85% more efficient

Man and technology produce together more and faster than each of the two taken separately. This is also the case for the collaborative robot-human tandem regarding the working processes carried out by SMEs. Recent studies show that a small business can be more competitive and grow much faster following the acquisition of collaborative robots, while the actors of the robot market saying  the SMEs using collaborative robots could be 85% more effective than when using manpower.

The need for automation is increasingly found among companies aimed at streamlining working processes and, nothing new, growing profitability. Generally, large companies with significant financial resources use automation solutions, the small or medium-sized ones being unsafe in terms of the quick return of investment or the possibility of providing the necessary space for these technologies to operate. These are just some of the potential problems that lead entrepreneurs into avoiding automation. However, the lack of labor force in the market or the fact that it is often too expensive is enough for the argument to resort to the latest generation of collaborative robots, especially that they are easily affordable by businesses employing less than 10 people and they have an estimated payback of just a few months. Moreover, collaborative robots are ready to work after only few hours of „training”.

Cobots are practically improving the elasticity of production processes not only in large production companies, but also in small and medium enterprises. They are easy to deploy and occupy a restricted area in the spaces they operate in. These robots have also revolutionized the approach to safety by creating an environment where man and machine can work together safely.

There is almost no industry where the collaborative robots form UR can not be used. Depending on the needs of the business, there are 3 models that can be deployed: UR3 ensuring automation of tasks up to 3 kilograms, UR5 that can pick and place up to 5 kg, and UR10 that can handle up to 10kg. The latter model can automate complex processes such as: packaging, palletizing, assembly and pick and place. Also, in order to increase efficiency, it is designed to cover a larger area of ​​action.

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