Softbinator Group appoints Mark Stevenson as VP of Sales

Softbinator Technologies, a Romanian company that provides complete software product development services (software development, blockchain development, and AI), announces the appointment of Mark Stevenson as VP of Sales at the group level and targets expanding its footprint in the U.S. tech market.

As highlighted in our 2023 preliminary financial report, we have experienced significant expansion in our sales initiatives in the U.S. market. In collaboration with Mark Stevenson, our esteemed local partner and newly appointed VP of Sales, we are embarking on a mission to recruit the most skilled sales professionals in the forthcoming months to optimally market Softbinator’s services in Silicon Valley. Mark is the brain behind one of the most prolific sales recruitment agencies in the tech sector – Champion Recruiting and a sales executive who has revolutionized the recruitment process through his platform, setting new standards for crafting impactful sales resumes. I am thrilled that he joins Softbinator Technologies because I am confident his insight and leadership are pivotal to our strategy of forging strong partnerships in the U.S.,” stated Daniel Ilinca, founder and CEO of Sotfbinator Technologies.

Mark Stevenson is a distinguished sales executive with an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in the U.S. technology industry. He is the founder of Champion Recruiting, a leading sales recruitment agency in the technology sector, and the creator of the platform, a revolutionary tool in the recruitment landscape. Mark’s expertise lies in identifying and nurturing sales talent and developing strategic sales initiatives that drive growth and innovation. His contributions have been instrumental in the success of various technology firms, making him a respected figure in the industry.

I am very honored to work with Softbinator and their brilliant technological minds. I was in Bucharest a few weeks ago, and I was blown away by how modern of a city it is. The engineers at Softbinator are world-class tech talent, many recruited from the top-ranked universities from Romania, and most importantly, they plant their roots in the company by being mentored and developing themselves very well over the years. In my opinion, the University of Bucharest, where Softbinator has a sponsored laboratory, is as good as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford in the U.S.. The company’s engineers all speak excellent English, and they are 50% of U.S. tech prices. If Google, Fitbit, and Life360 can trust Softbinator with work, many other U.S. companies will, too. Moreover, Daniel is a programming prodigy, and he built Softbinator into a leading Romanian powerhouse of AI, BlockChain, and Software Development. I have no doubt that with his leadership and charisma, Softbinator will dominate the Romanian landscape,” stated Mark Stevenson, newly appointed VP of Sales at Softbinator Technologies.

The sales strategy of the Softbinator Group in the U.S. market is built on two pillars. The first pillar focuses on partnering with early-stage tech start-ups, aiming to achieve exponential growth alongside these emerging companies. To do this, the company strategically established two offices in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) to effectively cover the entire region between San Francisco and San Jose. These offices are situated in two of the most dynamic co-working spaces and unicorns’ incubators, Plug N Play and Draper Hero, renowned for being the cradle of companies like Dropbox and PayPal. Softbinator Group management aims to position the company amidst the burgeoning unicorns and integrate within the network of companies that have surpassed the 1-billion-dollar valuation milestone.

The second pillar of the sales strategy in the U.S. focuses on targeting mid to large-sized Fortune2000 companies by cultivating a vast network of the best enterprise sales representatives. These representatives, known for their effectiveness and trustworthiness among top tech executives, are instrumental in recommending Softbinator Technologies to potential clients’ CTOs, CIOs, and Engineering VPs.

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