Startup co-founded by a Romanian programmer, bought by a large Canadian company

An IT startup, founded by Romanian programmer in Denmark with an associate two years ago, was now purchased by a large Canadian company, reports.

Ciprian Florescu (27 years old) is a programmer from Iași. He did high school at “Moisil”, in Iasi, in computer science profile, then he finished all info at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, after which he went to Copenhagen to do his master’s degree, also on info. Here he worked for several years for an IT company, and in February 2020 he founded the startup HelloFlow, together with an associate, Mikkel Skarnager.

HelloFlow offers companies a no-code customer relationship management solution. Their software allows companies to onboard their customers very quickly, without having to write new programs. The Danish startup is approaching a sensitive financial area, attracting the attention of a large online transaction verification company.

Thus, the Canadian company Trulioo acquired the startup HelloFlow. The value of the transaction was not disclosed, but it is known that HelloFlow has attracted investments of 3.3 million dollars in the 2 years of existence

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