Strategic alliance K.M.Trust Group – Marco Polo CE

  • This becomes the first entity with fully Romanian capital, active in Romania but also on the regional markets, which completely integrates the organizational transformation, development, Executive Search and Mental Health support services.
  • In the first year, the companies in the group aim together for a 20% increase in 2022 on the Corporate segment and for a 30% growth on the Entrepreneurial one, with a consolidated turnover of 2 million euros.
  • The banking sector, agribusiness, FMCG, IT&C and retail are the market segments with the highest growth prospects.  

K.M. Trust Group, a leading player in the Executive Search and Development services announces a strategic alliance with Marco Polo CEE, a top Romanian entrepreneurial company in the field of training and organizational advisory services. The new alliance establishes a solid partnership between two highly specialized entities in their segments, to address the current needs of large companies in the economy.

In the first year, the two entities aim together for a 20% increase in 2022 on the Corporate segment and for a 30% growth on the Entrepreneurial one, with a consolidated turnover of 2 million euros.

The alliance between K.M. Trust Group and Marco Polo CEE brings together over 30 specialists with local and international expertise. Together, they launch on the market advanced platforms for organizational transformation, recruitment for the top, senior and middle management levels of companies, executive development, training and organizational development programs, including digital resources and VR (virtual reality) technologies. A premiere on the regional market are the new programs addressing the performance of human capital from both the perspective of physical and emotional health. The integrated approach of these types of organizational needs, which combine business solutions with those related to emotional or physical health is a first on the market and will generate a major impact both economically and socially, according to the representatives of the two companies.

“Our analyses show that attracting the right people in key roles in the companies and training them to generate performance, including maintaining and improving their physical and emotional health in the current context are among the main concerns now. The alliance with Marco Polo CEE offers concrete solutions to address the major challenges of the business environment, by approaching the central element of any business – the people,” says Radu Manolescu, Managing Partner, K.M. Trust Group.

The sectors with the highest growth potential in the next period are banking, agribusiness, FMCG, IT&C or software development.

“The companies` focus during this period is to transform the business models as to cope and even capitalize on the opportunities of such a volatile environment. Basically, we are talking about a continuous change of business models and the pressure on human resources at the top level of large organizations is increasing. It is crucial to ensure economic and social leadership capacity and for this we need specialized expertise. We need well-trained leaders, both in the hard and the soft skills area, to go through the periods of uncertainty to which we are constantly exposed”, says Lucian Marin, co-founder of Marco Polo CEE.

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