Study: 86% of employees say that their rights have been violated at least once during their working life

Only 1 out of 2 participants in the latest survey carried out by eJobs Romania claims that they know their employee rights, while 86% of them declare that they felt, at least once, during their career, that these rights were denied to them violated by employers. It affects them the most when they can’t take time off when they want or as much as they want, as 25.4% of respondents say. 22% are upset that they were forced to work overtime or that those hours were not paid extra (18.5%). 9.1% were called to work on weekends as well, although their job required an exclusive schedule from Monday to Friday, 8.1% were paid on the black, and the list of the most frequently violated rights continues with dismissals without notice, dismissals in during pregnancy or immediately after returning from maternity leave.

“The fact that only half of the employees know and are informed about their rights is a reality that, unfortunately, has given way to many abuses over time, but has also created a divide between employees and employers and it has formed two camps which are often opposed, although they should not be. It’s natural to be outraged when a legal right is violated, but it’s equally natural to try to figure out what’s “yes” and what’s “no” when it comes to your rights . It is precisely for this reason that we encourage candidates to familiarize themselves with everything they need to know from this point of view. They now have at their fingertips a platform that contains all the information about the rights they have at work so that they can make informed career choices”, says Raluca Dumitra, Head of Marketing at eJobs Romania.

Although 86% of respondents felt that their rights were violated at least once, only 65% ​​spoke to their manager directly about this and requested that the situation be remedied. In 9 out of 10 cases, however, the expected result was delayed and problems persisted. “Such situations often discourage employees, not only because they feel wronged, but also because they fail to find an ally in their direct manager and feel ignored. Asked if they had ever resigned because their employer violated their rights, 44.2% said yes, 32.9% said no, and 22.9% said no, but that if were now put in a similar situation, they would not hesitate to give up that job”, says Raluca Dumitra.

However, there are also factors that could make it easier for them to overlook certain deviations. The first is the salary level. A third of the survey participants admitted that they could get over the non-compliance with some rights if they had a very high salary. 20% would do so if those rights were not really important to them, while 36% believe that nothing could make them accept such a situation. “Unfortunately, there is also a category, admittedly quite small, of those who have resigned. Regarding those who think that all employers do the same and, therefore, they cannot do anything to change the state of things”, adds Raluca Dumitra.

Rest leave and the possibility to take days off whenever they want (within the limit of the number of days off they get each year) is the right that employees value the most. It is followed by the observance of the work schedule, the declaration of the full salary in the employment contract, the payment of overtime and the right not to be video-surveilled without consent.

The survey was conducted in May of this year, on a sample of 1,642 employees.

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