Survey: 8 out of 10 Romanian candidates would change their job for higher incomes and better development opportunities

The labor market places candidates at the center and attracting talent remains a challenge for companies in 2023 as well. In this sense, the “Future of recruitment” study carried out by the Boston Consulting Group, one of the largest business consultants in the world, and The Network, supported in Romania by BestJobs, partner of The Network for 12 years, outlines the profile of the Romanian candidate in relation to other nationalities and highlights his confidence in finding new professional opportunities, related to current needs and desires.

Thus, 8 out of 10 are open to changing their job, their percentage being equal to the global average. A higher salary, better fringe benefits (80%), better opportunities for career advancement (37%) or a more interesting position that requires a certain level of experience (36%) are among the most important benefits at which candidates expect in the offer. At the same time, 60% would refuse a good offer if, during the recruitment process, they have a negative experience.

Romanians want more of a balance between work and private life and the appreciation of merits at work, compared to the global average, according to the study carried out between August and September 2022 by BestJobs and Boston Consulting Group. Thus, regarding the work environment and organizational culture, the appreciation from the bosses for the work done is more of a determining factor in the search for a job for Romanians, than for candidates from other countries (33% compared to 14%), while that the balance between professional and private life is important for 41% of Romanians compared to 19% of candidates globally.”

“In the current socio-political-economic context, Romanians have learned to be more cautious. Therefore, the greater concern for long-term career planning and the need for stability and financial security is a trend observed more and more at the national level”, said Ana Vișian, BestJobs Romania Marketing Manager. The study evaluates the future of recruitment in 160 countries, including Romania.

Among the findings is the fact that salary and bonuses represent a “deal breaker” for 53% of Romanians and 21% of candidates from other countries, while for 48% of Romanians versus 14% of candidates from other countries a determining factor is paid time off. Salary, bonuses and balance between professional and private life are above job security, which is a deal breaker for 35% of Romanians and 15% of candidates globally.

However, people from different target categories value workplace and/or working schedule flexibility differently. For example, people who work in IT value flexibility more than people who do not work in an office (45% versus 22%).

Like other countries, Romanians prefer the hybrid work model, followed by being in the top of preferences for work exclusively from the office. In addition, 73% of Romanians would like a stable job and a balance between professional and private life, so that they have time for family, friends and hobbies, compared to 69% of candidates from other countries.

Unlike the global average, Romanians are more motivated to join a company and subsequently advance to a management position (41% versus 36%). Therefore, Romanians are more reluctant to give up free time at the expense of work, in order to promote. Openness to the new defines Romanian employees, so 34% stated that they want to work with interesting technologies.

Also, the entrepreneurial spirit is not so developed at the national level (11%), compared to the global average (16%) and Romanians prefer a full-time job to the detriment of a part-time job, which would allow them to run their own projects in parallel.

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