Survey: Over half of employees prefer in-person meetings over online meetings

A quarter have attended from their car or public transportation.

Working from home is starting to show its limitations, with 52% of employees preferring online meetings to be replaced with in-person meetings, according to a survey conducted in April by Genesis Property among 1,307 respondents nationwide. Furthermore, 40.3% of the respondents already prefer to attend online meetings from the office, according to the same study.

We are constantly mindful of the new labor market trends, and the results of the latest study show that employees are increasingly open to socialization, human contact, and the efficiency brought by working at the office and having in-person meetings. Many employees would come to the office even more frequently, to better separate their personal life from their work life, which has been blurred in recent years due to remote work,” stated Marcela Stancu, Community Manager.

If 53% of employees attend online meetings from home and 40.3% prefer the office, over 4% say they have joined online meetings from their garden or outside, 1.3% from cafes, 0.8% from libraries, and 0.5% even from canteens.

Nearly a quarter of respondents spend between two and eight hours in online meetings each week, 7.2% allocate between eight and 12 hours to this type of meetings, and 5.6% are stuck in such meetings for over 12 hours every week.

“The results of the survey also show an aspect that blends both risk and efficiency drop – over a quarter of employees admit to participating in online meetings from their car or from public transportation. To address all these challenges and needs, we are focused on developing YUNITY Park, a concept that aligns with current work trends and the new perspectives of employees,” adds Marcela Stancu.

Employees would come to the office more often to separate personal life from work (37.5%), for increased socialization (31%), greater efficiency (21.5%), uninterrupted work (6%), and fewer online meetings (4%).

The survey on workplace well-being was conducted nationwide through the iVox platform, with a total sample of 1,307 internet users from Romania. Approximately 52% of the participants are female, and over 42% have a net income of over 4,000 RON.

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