Swiss-based grain trader enters Romania

The international grain trader MK Merchants, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, has entered Romania, with a focus on sourcing products from the local market and delivering them to export destinations, says a press release by the group.

Iulian Avram has been appointed as the General Manager to lead the branch. He previously worked for Al Dahra, a leading grain trader in the Middle East with an annual business turnover of $1 billion, until earlier this month. The Arab group Al Dahra owns Agricost Brăila, the largest agricultural company in Romania.

According to MK Merchants, the cereal market in Romania is dynamic and competitive, with numerous local producers, traders, and exporters.

“The Romanian grain market presents attractive opportunities for us as multinational trading company, both in terms of procurement and logistics. By leveraging expertise, resources, and network capabilities, we can effectively navigate the market dynamics, optimize supply chain operations, and capture value in the grain trade within Romania and beyond,” – explains Alla Agbash, Marketing director of MK Merchants SA.

“Romania has a long tradition of grain production, with fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions conducive to the cultivation of various grains, including wheat, corn, barley, and oats. That’s why the quality of Romanian grains is generally high, meeting international standards, which makes them attractive for both domestic consumption and export.

In general, the Romanian grain market is dynamic and competitive, with numerous local producers, traders, and exporters. Also we can see here the possibility to trade with competetive prices. Developing long-term relationships with reliable suppliers is essential for ensuring a consistent and high-quality supply of grains.

Also, it is important to mention that Romania’s strategic location in Southeast Europe makes it a key logistics hub for grain transportation within the region and beyond.
The country has well-developed transportation infrastructure, including road, rail, and river networks, facilitating the efficient movement of grains from production areas to processing facilities, ports, and export markets. Adoptive storage and handling facilities are crucial for preserving the quality of grains and minimizing post-harvest losses.

To summarize, Romania is a significant exporter of grains to various international markets, including other European countries, North Africa, and the Middle East.

We are sure we need to capitalize on these export opportunities by leveraging global networks and market expertise to access new markets and customers,” MK Merchants’ press release further notes.

On April 10-11, Bucharest hosted the global grain community for an exceptional event celebrating the prosperity of the grain industry in Central and Eastern Europe. “EuroGrainExchange 2024 was a great opportunity for our team to delve into the heart of this dynamic sector, where traders, farmers, input providers and industry professionals meet to talk about the ever-evolving grain market,” MK Merchant pointed out.

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