TARA Interactive expands abroad, kicks off new projects in Germany, Denmark

TARA Interactive, a Romanian software development company, expands its presence in Germany and Denmark and starts campaigns to promote its services in three other countries: Switzerland, the Netherlands and Canada.

The initiative is part of the international expansion strategy of the Romanian company and takes place against the background of the growing need for digitalization of companies and efficiency of expenses.

TARA Interactive currently develops projects in the USA, Germany and Denmark, along with Romania and Moldova, and the turnover achieved outside the country is 70%.

“If a few years ago we only had clients abroad, the current objective is to expand both internationally and in Romania, where the need for digitization of companies is growing. We are currently developing projects on the business management and administration side (eCommerce, robots, RPA, mobile applications, AI, CRM), which are industry agnostic, but also on verticals specific to certain industries, such as banking, accounting & finance, logistics, etc.”, says Vlad Lepădatu, Managing Partner at TARA Interactive, noting that, in the last two years, he has noticed an increase in demand from online stores and for the automation of internal processes.

TARA Interactive’s international expansion strategy also aims to open local offices in the coming period, with the Netherlands and Germany on the company’s short list. One of the main advantages over the companies in the respective countries is the level of the prices charged. At the same time, the advanced level of knowledge of the English language, the geographical position in Europe and the smaller cultural differences compared to other areas, such as India, are other advantages compared to other offshore firms. Also, another advantage is the fact that TARA Interactive also offers consultancy in the definition and implementation of projects, compared to other local or offshore software development companies.

The development of TARA Interactive at the international level takes place simultaneously with the increase in the number of employees. Thus, the company plans to increase the team to 70 employees by the end of the year.

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