Tarfin and Symbiotics Investments announce the strategic partnership to finance small and medium-sized farmers

Tarfin, the regional agri-fintech specialized in providing advanced financing solutions for the agricultural sector through its digital platform, announced a new partnership with Symbiotics Investments, the Swiss-based leading access platform for impact investing dedicated to private markets in emerging and frontier economies.

Through this loan, Tarfin continues its mission to support the development of SMEs in the agricultural sector through easy access to microfinance for small and medium-sized farmers. This initiative addresses a challenging reality where access to traditional forms of finance for this category of farmers is limited or even nonexistent. In this context, Tarfin is increasing its lending capacity to support more than 200 farmers, providing the means to scale up their businesses.

“By collaborating with Symbiotics Investments, we continue our commitment to supporting small and medium-sized farmers in Romania. This partnership marks a significant step towards diversifying the company’s sources of financing. It is not just a financial instrument but a means of encouraging innovation, contributing to the growth of national production, improving the quality of life in rural areas, and developing local economies. We are confident that this partnership will positively impact local farming communities, supporting their sustainable development. Equally, we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Symbiotics Investments in this initiative, remaining motivated to create impactful solutions together”, stated Adina China Birta, General Manager of Tarfin Romania.

Building on its track record of collaboration with local entities, Symbiotics Investments showcases proven expertise in tailoring financial solutions to meet the specific demands of the Romanian agricultural market, thereby creating substantial value across the entire agri-food chain.

The loan is granted for two years as a guarantee for the development of the agricultural sector, enabling farmers to access essential financial resources to purchase agricultural inputs in a more stable framework.

“We are glad to have concluded this partnership with Tarfin Romania and to support reducing the financial gap in one of the largest, yet significantly underserved agricultural sectors in Europe. We firmly believe that Tarfin Romania’s tech-driven approach facilitates access to agri-inputs, which ultimately helps farmers to improve yields and reduce costs.”,  stated Vincent Lehner, Head of the Markets division at  Symbiotics Investments.

Tarfin aims to continue redefining the financial landscape for small and medium-sized farmers in Romania. In addition to recent partnerships that diversify the financing sources, the company plans to expand its digital services through the Tarfin Mobile app. This innovative app will automate and digitize farmers’ access to financial solutions and specialized counseling, offering the tools for efficient business management. Also, the app will facilitate access to competitive offers from nearby input, fuel, and farm equipment retailers. Thus, the Tarfin team remains determined to continuously create new opportunities for farmers and become a key partner in developing this vital sector for Romania’s economy.

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