Tech premiere: App preventing online identity theft

Telekom Romania introduced a new measure to protect customers in the digital environment, designed to prevent fraud through identity theft, an absolute first on the Romanian telecom market, but also in the Deutsche Telekom group.

Through this measure, Telekom Romania prevents one of the most widespread frauds in the online environment, namely the conclusion of subscriptions in real names, but using stolen photos and identities. With the new application used by Telekom, it is impossible to upload an image from the phone in the subscription form, because the photo is obtained live, online. The user does not have to download any application to use this feature.

Here is the procedure recently implemented by Telekom Romania for online purchases on if a customer wants to purchase a subscription with or without a phone, accessing from a mobile phone, then he is asked to take a selfie and a photo of the ID card. The application does not support uploading any documents.

In addition, if the purchase is made from a computer, the user receives a link via SMS to access the online application, where he will follow the procedure described above.

“We have implemented this digital facility in the interest of our customers, to protect them from identity theft and also to facilitate the purchase of products and services online. Anyone can now sign up for a 100% digital subscription, using his or her biometric data for identification, in complete safety. This new functionality is more used in the fintech field and is a premiere on the Romanian telecommunications market, as well as in the entire Deutsche Telekom group”, explained Gabriel Trăistaru, Digital Director at Telekom Romania.

The subscription contract is then sent by e-mail, and if a mobile phone has been ordered, a paper copy will be delivered to the customer with the package.

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