Teiuș Photovoltaic Park launched in Alba following EUR 47million investment

Teiuș Solar, part of the Eurowind Energy group, a Danish developer and operator of wind, solar and hybrid projects, announces the launch of the Teiuș Photovoltaic Park project – with a maximum installed capacity of 60.2 MW, implemented in the city of Teiuș, Alba County. The total value of the project is 47,155,440 euros (54,987,957 euros including VAT).

With a maximum installed capacity of 60.2 MW, this photovoltaic park represents a major step in the Eurowind Energy group’s efforts to promote sustainability and the use of renewable energy.

Furthermore, the Teiuș photovoltaic park aims not only to produce 103,592 MWh annually but also to significantly reduce carbon emissions, by 37,125 tons per year. These objectives underscore the company’s commitment to an efficient, ecological, and competitive economy.

„The approval of the Teiuș Photovoltaic Park represents an important moment in our sustainable development strategy and in combating climate change, thus contributing to a cleaner environment for future generations. We are proud to contribute to Romania’s energy transition and to improving environmental quality through this innovative project”, said Adrian Dobre, Country Manager România, Eurowind Energy.

In addition to the technical and ecological aspects, the Teiuș Photovoltaic Park will also have a positive impact on the local community, providing new development and economic growth opportunities. It will also transform the region’s energy landscape and contribute to achieving national and international sustainability goals.

The project benefited from a state aid worth 15 million euros, according to the Financing Contract no. 183/30.12.2023, code RUE 643, within the National Recovery and Resilience Program, Component 6 Energy, Investment measure I.1 Supporting investments in new capacities for generating electricity from renewable sources of wind and solar energy.

The project started on July 1st, 2022, and is scheduled to be completed by June 30th, 2024, marking an important moment in Romania’s green energy project calendar.

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