Telekom Romania announces 200,000 entrepreneurs using Freedom portfolio, new initiatives to support Romanian business environment

Over 200,000 entrepreneurs are currently using Freedom services portfolio launched in November 2017, through which Telekom Romania brought, for the first time for the business segment, unlimited mobile communication with unlimited 4G internet, unlimited minutes and messages, from 5 euros per month, in subscriptions without the minimum contractual period and without the termination fee. Under the #BUSINESSLIBER umbrella, Telekom Romania introduced a new model of partnership with its entrepreneur customers, based on simplicity, transparency and predictability.

 “This project means freedom, liberation and more possibilities to do business. I am very happy to say that we have more than 200,000 customers from zero, this is a huge achievement. It was a very good start and we will surely continue with this freedom approach. We have launched several projects, we have been very successful with the smart cities project, we were quite successful in such areas as education, we have an education catalogue for schools already implemented in more than 50% of the country and we want to grow this initiative for the rest of the country. Of course we’ll continue with our IT&C projects. We are also capitalizing on our infrastructure, on our data centers, on our skills. We see the IT&C business is reviving after two years of stagnation and we are sure we’ll be successful in the projects to come, for these projects have really changed the Romanian society. Unfortunately the Romanian society didn’t invest on its own development and here we have a lot of things to compensate,” said Miroslav Majoros, CEO Telekom Romania.

To mark 200,000 customers for the Freedom portfolio, Telekom Romania is investing EUR 200,000 in a new initiative aimed at supporting businesses in Romania. Telekom announced on Wednesday the launching of the Game Changers programme, through which 10 companies that rewrote the rules of the game in the industries they are part of will benefit from online promotional campaigns, on media channels relevant for each business, worth EUR 20,000 euros. The 10 selected businesses have attracted Telekom’s attention by simplifying the way to do business, offering a unique experience to the customers, digital support provided to business partners or by the way in which they knew how to lead their businesses towards performance. This is the second project designed to support the entrepreneurs after the WeAccelerate programme, through which Telekom granted EUR 100,000 to other 10 Romanian start ups.

One year ago we were planning to liberate the entrepreneurs through an unprecedented offer for the Romanian telecommunications market. Today, with 200,000 entrepreneurs that have chosen Freedom portfolio, we are celebrating the mission that we took on, to rewrite the rules in the industry we are part of. We are glad that we managed to do that and we wish that our success echoed in the businesses of Romanian entrepreneurs as well.

Starting from the needs and challengers of business customers, we wanted to change traditional conventions and redifine „normality” in the relationship with our customers. Thus, we believe that it’s normal to no longer have to worry about the costs of the telecommunications services, be free of contract and benefit from unlimited 4G internet. We equally believe that it’s normal to support Romanian business environment and help those courageous and ambitious entrepreneurs grow, through initiatives such as Game Changers and WeAccelerate”, stated Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer Business Segment, Telekom Romania.

In May 2018, Telekom Romania announced 100,000 entrepreneurs „liberated” with Freedom portfolio. To mark this moment, Telekom Romania invested 100,000 euros in accelerating 10 Romanian start-ups, within the WeAccelerate programme, a project meant to encourage the digitalization of Romanian entrepreneurship, developed in partnership with WeLoveDigital hub. Ten start-ups, of the 121 that joined the competition, were selected, during a thorough business analysis, to receive, each, financing worth 6,000 euros and benefits consisting in subsidized office space, 60 hours of mentorship, consultancy in online advertising and free online promotional campaigns, for six months. The 10 selected start-ups will go through the incubation period between Februrary and August 2019, during which they will benefit from mentorship provided by the 6 mentors within the programme.

Telekom Romania is reiterating its commitment to start such programmes at each new commercial threshold and is announcing the continuation of the initiatives meant to support the Romanian business environment under the umbrella IT’S NORMAL.

Starting from the conviction that it’s normal in 2018 for entrepreneurs to no longer worry about the telecommunications costs, to have unlimited access to 4G data traffic, to no longer be restricted by the minimum contractual period and the termination fee, as it’s normal to be encouraged and supported through programmes such as “WeAccelerate”, “Guerilla Camp” and “Game Changers”, Telekom Romania is continuing the series of initiatives meant to support Romanian business environment under the umbrella IT’S NORMAL.

Through “We Care” campaign, Telekom Romania is redefining the new normality in relationship to its customers and is restating the wish to listen to their real needs and issues, in an informal and authentic frame, as it’s normal, to be available to solve all their requests, through the call center opened 24/7.

In the same way, Telekom Romania believes that it’s normal to contribute to the growth of the quality of future human resources for the employers and is supporting the digitalization of Romanian schools, to facilitate the access to information and knowledge. Thus, Telekom Romania is donating tablets equipped with the Adservio platform for educational management to 100 Romanian schools in Romania that lack the necessary digital learning instruments.

For Telekom it’s normal to support the digitalization of businesses, in an attempt to help them develop further. New initiatives with this objective will be announced next year.

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