The Auto, Banks, Retail, Telecom, Pharmacies, Clinics, DYI and Soft Drinks category leaders in July 2021

July 2021 digital landscape created by the brands remained relaxed this month as well, according to the Digital Health Index. People needed this freedom, to return to “normal”, a little normalcy before the threat of 4th wave of COVID-19.

“During July, the relaxation that we all felt starting June was confirmed, which is also confirmed by the results of the brands from DHI. People enjoyed the various opportunities, and brands continued to approach the area of influencers partnerships and collaborations. However, we are preparing for a more sensitive period, especially in the context of a new pandemic wave, because we already feel this “threat”., said Mădălina Tătaru, Data & Analysis Manager – Digitas România

Regarding the Auto category, the highest % of viewership comes from Facebook (52%) and from the press (39%). The Auto and Telecom categories give great importance to forums, as they are the place where users share their experience with the brand. DIY is a sector in which the press has had a great importance in generating visibility for the brand (50% viewership compared to 35% mentions). In the Pharma category, Instagram was the source that ensured more than 50% of brand visibility in July, while in Retail there is a much more varied communication than in previous months – products, contests, CSR, cultural events. At the level of Soft Drinks category, there was a decrease in most brands compared to June, three of them having decreases of over 30%.

Regarding the channels of communication, there is an increasing diversification, and the positive constants remain: the presence of influencers, the increase in the number of content partnerships and the increase, on certain categories, of audio content (eg. podcasts).

Digitas’ recommendation for brands is: continue to pay attention to consumer behavior, stay close to their communities, adapt to their true, mixed reality, but at the same time, not to forget the recently accumulated anxiety, in order not to lose connection.

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